Advice on Dental implants from our dentists in derby

2011 October 31
by Asha Sood

Below are some tips straight from our dentists in Derby on why dental implants are a consideration for people who have lost teeth:

  • No More False Teeth or Dentures
  • Enhanced physical appearance
  • More Comfort
  • Permanently fixed in your mouth
  • Greater confidence with eating and when speaking

When you loose one or several of your teeth, it can have a major impact on how you look, your confidence levels can be knocked and your daily eating habits and speech can be affected too.

Furthermore, losing your teeth can also lead to the lower region of bone in your mouth to start slowly collapsing. Dental implants may involve bone grafting if you have insufficient jawbone and the upside is once this is built up and restored and your implants have been placed, you may even look younger!

Restoring self esteem and confidence by replacing missing teeth cannot be underestimated.Loss of teeth can make it difficult for people to laugh, smile or participate and engage in social gatherings or within the workplace.

Dental implants could address all these issue and are a great choice of dental treatment for people who are exploring all their options on how best to replace a tooth or several missing teeth in their mouth.

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