Brush your teeth regularly for a healthy mouth

2009 June 5
by Asha Sood

As we grow older, our teeth can tend to become weaker and duller. One of the ways to prevent the loss of whiteness and increased dullness is to follow a good oral hygiene regimen. In your efforts to keep your teeth healthy, you will need to clean your teeth on a regular basis with an appropriate toothbrush.

With every passing year, the protective enamel of the teeth wears down. This often results in a dull and discoloured smile. As the enamel starts wearing away, it creates small ridges which hold onto discolouring foods and drinks which can cause teeth to loss their white colour and end up looking dull and grey.

The chances of tooth decay can be reduced if you follow a strict regime to clean your teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene. If you aren’t successful in keeping the plaque under check, dental disease such as chronic gingivitis, i.e. bleeding gum disease, can result.

One of the major culprits that might contribute to the build-up of plaque is your daily diet. If you want to remove plaque, then remember to brush your teeth daily and bear in mind that good oral hygiene is absolutely necessary. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, though dental professionals advise brushing teeth after every meal.

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