Choose tooth whitening for brighter, whiter teeth

2009 July 3
by Asha Sood

Your teeth can be whitened in a number of ways by your dentist. Dental tooth whitening features both external and internal techniques. The external techniques generally involve the placing of whitening gel on the outside of the tooth. External whitening is done in two ways; laser tooth whitening and home tooth whitening. External techniques are not successful in removing stains caused by blood vessels and metallic fillings.

Home tooth whitening is a process in which the dentist makes rubber mouth guards for your teeth and supplies you with tubes of whitening gel. The dentist will impart relevant instructions for using the gels.

With laser whitening, the dentist applies a whitening gel to your teeth and then activates it with a laser to begin the whitening process. The procedure can take up to two hours for best results.

Internal tooth whitening on the other hand involves the placement of the whitening gel inside your tooth. In this procedure, the dentist will drill a hole into your teeth and insert the gel. It is suitable for people who have undergone root canal treatment, as there is no longer any pulp within the tooth.

Laser tooth whitening is a great way to look your best and smile your best. Choose laser tooth whitening for whiter, more beautiful teeth.

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