Consider Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth

2013 August 15

You may think traditional braces are the only way to straighten crooked or misshapen teeth but those days of traditional ‘train tracks’ are long gone and there are a whole new range of treatment options available for straightening teeth today

With the most up to date advances in dentistry , treatments such as Invisalign  now makes it possible to have beautiful straight teeth no matter how old you are-and even better, the results can be achieved discreetly without anyone even being aware you are wearing a ‘brace’ thanks to the invisible nature of these new generation teeth straightening dental treatments.

Invisalign treatment utilises individually made custom trays or aligners which are worn over teeth to gradually move them into a straighter alignment. The aligners are changed every few weeks and each new set is designed to slowly move your teeth each time into a new position and hence straighten them over a period of time.

The Invisalign Trays are held in position over the patient’s teeth during the daytime; the trays can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing teeth. It is designed to be both aesthetically acceptable due ito its almost invisible nature and comfortable to wear and is a suitable and popular option for all range of ages, both young and old.

If your Invisalign dentist advises, for whatever reason , that Invisalign is not a suitable option for you, then there are a variety of other ‘invisible’ tooth straightening treatments which you may be able to opt for-A suitable alternative may be a Lingual Brace which is a fixed (metal) brace that sits behind or inside your teeth thereby making it almost invisible. Unlike invisalign , a lingual brace cannot be removed for drinking, eating or cleaning teeth; however, it does have the advantage over a traditional metal brace or ‘train tracks’ in that it is more aesthetically acceptable as it is positioned behind the teeth so it cannot be seen .

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