Cosmetic Dentists and smile enhancing cosmetic dentistry

2010 October 31
by Asha Sood

Modern cosmetic dentistry today offers much more than routine teeth cleanings, root canals and cavity fillings. It is now possible to improve the look of your teeth and smile and there are now many procedures and treatments available that can remove stains, fix gaps and correct other oral dental problems.

Some of the most frequently used dental procedures in improving your smile at the dental centre are:

Cosmetic bonding
This is a technique which is suitable for correcting minor gaps between teeth and for repairing minor chips in the teeth. The cosmetic dentist applies an enamel-type or dental composite resin to the surface of your teeth to create the required colour, shape and size to achieve the desired result. Bonding is ideal to fill small gaps between your teeth and overcome a ‘gappy smile’.

Crowns and bridges
Bridges are mainly used for filling an area missing one tooth. They help in improving the appearance of the affected area and restore the jaw bite. Crowns are generally used in restoring the functionality and appearance of the teeth after another procedure. For example, when a portion of the tooth is removed during a root canal, it is replaced with a crown to restore the tooth’s functionality.

Dental implants are usually a titanium fake tooth that is anchored in the jawbone, making it a permanent replacement for the missing tooth. They are the most convenient and desired choice for replacing a missing tooth.

Dentistry has primarily involved prevention of tooth decay, but today, cosmetic dentists offer a variety of treatments designed to also help you achieve healthy teeth alongside a beautiful smile.

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