Cosmetic dentures and the importance of maintaining them

2009 April 3
by Asha Sood

Missing teeth can be an embarrassing thing for people and can often lead to people not smiling as a result. This is not the only problem that missing teeth can cause. The knock-on effect might be a lower level of confidence as a result of missing teeth as people will tend to feel conscious of their appearance and may not engage as much in social gatherings. However, there is an effective solution to this problem and it is through cosmetic dentures.

With the increasing interest in cosmetic dentistry, there has been significant improvement in denture technology in the last few years. No longer are dentures just a replacement for missing teeth, they are actually designed to provide the patient with a natural appearance and comfort. The current technology available has enabled dentists to provide patients with dentures that easily blend in with their features and which give the appearance of natural teeth.

Like natural teeth, dentures also need to be taken care of and here are a few helpful tips.

• As cosmetic dentures are not designed to last forever, they will need replacing at least every four to seven years.

• In time, dentures can get worn out and can become loose fitting. This could cause irritation of the gums, an inability to chew properly and sometimes gum and mouth lesions. To avoid this, it is important that dentures undergo regular check-ups.

• Apart from this, you can conduct all the general dental care that you would do so on natural teeth.

This can ensure that your dentures are kept properly and maintained well to give you a bright smile and natural confidence.

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