Bad breath can be embarassing

2010 September 7
by Asha Sood

Bad breath is not a rare problem. Anyone can suffer from it to some extent.However, it is important to note whether it is a long term or short term problem.

 A short term problem could be caused by consuming certain foods like garlic or onions, but it is not long lasting if the individual has a regular and good dental care routine. This kind of bad breath can also be cured with chewing gum, mouthwash, mints and sprays.

However, long term bad breath can cause a number of problems and can be more difficult to deal with. It is not only bad for health but can affect  your self confidence. This makes it extremely important to tackle the problem as soon as it has been detected. A permanent bad breath problem cannot be cured with mints, mouthwash or anything like that. The root cause could be any other factor and may be unknown to the individual. In such a case, visiting a dental clinic is the best option.

After checking the mouth, the dentist will be able to tell whether the bad breath steams from the individual’s dental health or from another health issue. The dental professional will also recommend the most appropriate methods to treat the problem. They could be anything from brushing to flossing to regularly using mouthwash or even altering eating habits.

At the end of it all, the person can be sure of reduced bad breath and healthier teeth and gums. The right dental care can ensure whiter teeth, fresher breath and better long term dental health.

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