Dental crowns for broken teeth in Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dental Care

2011 July 31
by Asha Sood

A decayed, disfigured or broken tooth can destroy your whole appearance. When people have such a tooth, smiling or laughing can become an embarrassment for them. They become very conscious of the disfigurement and are no longer the confident person they used to be. Getting a dental crown can make any damaged tooth perfect and help in regaining lost self esteem.

Dental crowns are of many types – porcelain dental crowns, bonded porcelain metal crowns, ceramic crowns and gold alloy crowns. Porcelain dental crowns are used frequently as they appear very similar to natural teeth. Ceramic crowns are relatively new. They have the strength of bonded crowns and the natural appearance of porcelain. You can select the type of dental crown according to your preference after consulting your dentist.

Dental crowns also provide strength to a partly decayed or broken tooth. In some cases dental crowns are used to cap a damaged tooth that has undergone root canal treatment. Once the dental crown is fitted, the patient might take some time adjusting to it, but within a few days’ time the person gets accustomed to it completely. So, opt for dental crowns and get rid of your embarrassment permanently.

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