Dental implants: an alternative to missing teeth

2011 August 15
by Asha Sood

Dental implants are good for replacing gaps and missing teeth. A dental implant can perform all the functions of a natural tooth and it looks like a real tooth. Because of this, it is difficult to be able to tell whether the tooth is an artificial one or the real thing which is great for restoring function and also for restoring confidence if you are self conscious of missing teeth in your mouth.

Where necessary, one or more teeth can be replaced artificially using a dental implant. This does not affect the adjacent teeth.

Some of the other choices for replacing a missing tooth are dentures( and their are many varities and types of dentures available today) as well as bridge and crowns(and again there are a whole array of bridges available form cosmetic dentists these days). However, a dental implant is a great way of replacing a missing tooth or several missing teeth. The procedure does not have an effect on your adjacent teeth and it is long lasting and just like having a new tooth (or teeth) fixed into your jaw to replace your old missing tooth.

Dental implants allow you to eat and speak with confidence and comfort and feel like you have a full set of teeth again- without the worry of adhesives and displaced dentures or the pain and discomfort of a broken bridge.

Dental implants are the best option for tooth replacement, but still need good oral care and frequent dental checkups or visits. You must brush and floss after every meal. This will help you keep your implants plaque-free and clean.

To ensure that the dental implants are healthy after the treatment, you must go for regular follow-ups with your dentist.

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