Dental implants and the advantages they offer

2011 November 12
by Asha Sood

Anyone with broken, decayed or missing teeth would hesitate to smile if it meant a glimpse of dental flaws. Hiding them completely sometimes seems a better alternative. Fortunately for those suffering from these dental problems, there are cosmetic dentists that can take care of the problem with the help of dental implants.

Dental implants are fake tooth roots that are placed into a person’s jaw so that they can hold a bridge or a replacement tooth. Dental implants are generally used to replace missing teeth. Many times people lose their teeth due to accidents or injuries. There are also times when teeth become decayed. It is at these times that dental implants are used so that the missing tooth can be replaced.

There are a number of advantages that dental implants offer

  • Dental implants are as good as real teeth and not only look just like them, but function the same too. There is no noticeable difference between dental implants and real teeth
  • Unlike dentures that have to be removed and cleaned from time to time, dental implants can be cleaned just like real teeth
  • The teeth adjacent to dental implants do not get affected in any way. In fact, with dental implants, teeth are supported and kept in the right place.

All these advantages of dental implants make them the ideal solution for missing teeth.

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