Embarrased about your missing teeth-Dental implants could be the answer

2011 November 8
by Asha Sood

A missing tooth can not only cause problems with eating, speech and normal oral functioning, they can also cause embarrassement and stop you from talking and smiling freely.By opting for a dental implant, you can address both functional and aesthetic problems and enjoy eating, drinking and speaking normally alongside renewed self confidence.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is attached to your jaws permanently. It resembles a natural tooth and functions like one too. Thus by opting for a dental implant you can improve your lifestyle and appearance permanently.

Apart from being able to smile freely without putting your hand to your mouth, dental implants offer many other benefits too such as prevention of bone deterioration in the mouth. They can also help to restore natural chewing and biting capabilities which you may have lost when you lost your teeth.

Dental implants also help in retaining a youthful facial appearance that would otherwise be marred by the gap created by the missing tooth. Dental implants stop speech wobbling and improve your digestion as with a complete set of teeth you can better chew your food.

Dental implants are not fixed into the jaw by chemicals or adhesives but are anchored using titanium. They are therefore fairly ‘permanent’ in nature meaning they are almost like a natural tooth and can be brushed, cleaned and looked after like  normal teeth.

Dental implants can last up to fifteen years with good oral health care and diligent maintenance. For several missing teeth, it is possible to have multiple dental implants.

For more information on replacement of missing teeth, dental implants  or any other cosmetic dentistry treatments from our Derby dentists, give us a call today.

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