Dental Implants or Tooth Implants bring stability to Your Smile

2011 August 27
by Asha Sood

It’s not uncommon to loose your teeth as you get older or if you suffer from gum disease.Adding value and longevity to your smile by considering dental implants to replace those missing teeth could be something you may wish to think about.

Dental Implantology allows you to replace your missing teeth by having new teeth, which look and work exactly the same as your existing teeth, implanted into your mouth.

A dental implant(or tooth implant) is usually made from titanium or an alloy of titanium is placed in the socket of your jaw where it is allowed to fuse with the bone in the surrounding area(in your jaw) and becomes stable over time.Once this happens, the bone integrates and grows around the implant and holds it firmly in place.

Dental Implants can replace dentures or bridges which have traditionally been used to replace missing teeth in the past. It is possible to replace one tooth or several teeth with implants providing you have enough jaw bone in the area to support the dental implant where your missing tooth has been.Most people are suitable to have dental implants although if you smoke or drink, this will affect your oral health and the bone density in your mouth and as a result, your implants may not integrate orĀ fail in the future.

If you have complications orĀ medical problems, your cosmetic dentist will be able to advise you if dental implants are a suitable choice in replaceing your missing teeth.

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