Dental implants – a perfect solution for your missing teeth

2010 September 3
by Asha Sood

Dental implants are a good long term solution to replace your missing teeth. Unlike a Dental Bridge, dental implants do not rely or affect adjacent teeth.

A dental implant is basically an artificial tooth that is fixed in place of your missing tooth. The best aspect of this treatment is that no one will be able to make out the difference between an original tooth and the implant.

If you have a missing tooth and have suitable bone structure for support, a dental implant is a good option for replacement of this missing tooth.
Some of the advantages of a dental implant are that it helps you to regain your eating and chewing habits and also helps improves your appearance, self esteem and speech. Moreover, you will no longer have to restrict yourself to a specific type of food and can eat anything you like, including solid foodstuffs.

Dental implants look virtually identical to your natural teeth. They are constructed in order to be well connected to the underlying bone and gum tissues in the mouth and can also help to prevent deterioration of your jawbone.

Implants are made to integrate into your mouth’s bone structure and can help prevent problems like gum recession and bone loss that can sometimes occur with dentures and bridgework. This is what has made dental implants a popular and preferred choice for people looking to replace missing teeth.

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