Do dental implants require special aftercare?

2010 November 12
by Asha Sood

Dental implants are a specialist cosmetic dentistry procedure requiring a good aftercare regimen.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that looks just like a natural tooth and is used to replace a missing tooth.It consists of two parts. One part is the artificial tooth that is visible in your mouth and the other is the metal connector that attaches the artificial tooth to the jaw. You need to take care of the tooth, the metal and the surrounding area of the dental implant.

Regular cleaning of the dental implant is a must. There are special types of dental equipment and specially bent tooth brushes that can reach the gums and clean the metal connectors and the tooth. After the whole area of the dental implant has been cleaned properly, gauze pieces or a special flossing system is required to clean the posts, gums and the whole area.

This care regimen should be followed every day, if you want to maintain your dental implant properly. You can also buy special “reach” brushes so that it becomes easier to clean. Removable dental implants are comparatively easy to maintain as they can be detached from your gums and cleaned thoroughly.

It is essential to get your dental implants checked at least once every six months as this gives your dentist a chance to make sure that the implants are in good condition.

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