Gum contouring and what it is used for

2009 July 3
by Asha Sood

Cosmetic dentistry offers a number of different services that can help align teeth perfectly, brighten and whiten them and many other techniques to give people the perfect smile.

Advanced technologies and cutting-edge procedures have significantly reduced the expense of almost all techniques to something which everyone can afford. A common procedure that many people opt for is gum contouring.

What is gum contouring and why is it used?

There are many people whose teeth appear a little too short because of the relationship between their gums and teeth. As slight a problem as this may seem, it is still visible and can affect a smile. When people have this dental problem, they can opt for a laser gum contouring procedure. This procedure is used to take away excess gum tissue so that more of the tooth’s crown is exposed, which levels out the smile.

With laser gum contouring, the gum line can be sculpted so that the right amount between the tooth’s surface and the gum tissue is created, which results in a better looking smile. An uneven gum around a tooth can be easily and painlessly balanced and smoothed out with a gum contouring procedure to make the gum and tooth look better. The procedure can give individuals a more attractive smile at an affordable rate.

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