Gum reshaping and laser contouring for your teeth

2010 November 10
by Asha Sood

There are many affordable cosmetic dental treatments and procedures available to correct and improve your teeth and smile. These can often be aimed at changing the shape, size or appearance of your teeth and in such cases, may involve treatment options such as crowns and bridges,invisible or metal braces,teeth whitening, dental implants or porcelain dental veneers.

However, for some people, the problem may not be just the appearance of their teeth but also their gum line. Too much gum showing when you smile can manifest as a gummy smile which some people find unattractive. To reshape and correct the gum line, a simple and painless dental technique called laser gum reshaping is often used.

Laser gum reshaping (or laser gum contouring as it sometimes known), reshapes and corrects the gumline by removing excess gum and sealing it with a laser. There is no surgery or stitches involved and it is a fairly straightforward and painless process, which is permanent. An instant smile lift can be achieved fairly cost effectively in a short space of time, revealing less gum and more teeth.

Reshaping of the gums is often used alongside porcelain veneers in many smile makeovers in order to achieve a beautiful and healthy looking smile.

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