Gum Reshaping for a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

2013 June 18

When people visit their dentist they assume its just for the health of their teeth but it’s not just teeth that your dentist is looking after it’s also the health of your gums.

Oral health and the condition of your gums is as important as the health and appearance of your teeth. People can often spend a lot of time and effort worrying about treatments to improve the look of their teeth yet completely overlook the health,condition and appearance of their gums. The gums and teeth together constitute towards a healthy mouth and an attractive and youthful looking smile and unhealthy gums can make even healthy teeth look unattractive!

One of the treatments that is often utilised to address the health and appearance of the gum is gum contouring or reshaping. The first step to gum contouring or gum reshaping is to achieve good health of your gums which will involve addressing poor gum health and inflammation or bleeding by a visit to the hygienist to bring the gums back to good health. Health gums should be pink in colour and the edge of the gum tissue should be at the same height for the two front teeth as well as the two canines. A misaligned, uneven or discoloured gum-line can make teeth look misshapen even if they are not.

So how do you go about correcting misshapen gums? This can be accomplished by your cosmetic dentist carrying out gum lifting or contouring techniques using a dental laser. Contouring the gum tissues to give them a more balanced appearance can help make them appear more aligned and will enhance your teeth to complete and balance a beautiful smile.

Gum contouring or reshaping is one of the many cosmetic dentistry techniques which can help restore your gums to look their healthiest and best.

To find the best dentist for your laser gum contouring you don’t need to travel afar for treatment. Ask people you know who might have had cosmetic dentistry to recommend a good dentist in Derby

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