HealOzone treatment – a most effective and painless way to treat caries

2009 April 9
by Asha Sood

Many people suffer from toothache due to caries or tooth decay. Caries are caused by bacteria which spread infection inside the tooth, making the patient experience extreme pain. Usually in such cases, when the pain becomes unbearable, people visit a dentist who usually prescribes an antibiotic to stop the infection.

Once the pain subsides, many people do not bother to visit the dentist again which means the infection can further spread, eventually giving rise to far more serious dental conditions. Others who take this seriously and visit the dentist are treated by having the tooth pulp drilled.

However, dental drilling is only 20% effective and extremely painful, as little anaesthesia is used. An alternative and more effective and painless method of treating dental caries is through opting for HealOzone treatment.

HealOzone is available through cosmetic dentists. The treatment is simple, completely painless and requires very little time. With HealOzone treatment, ozone is passed to the area of dental infection. Since ozone is a gas, it easily enters all the cracks in a better and more effective way, killing all the bacteria.

Thus if you go for HealOzone treatment, you can get rid of your dental infection in just 20 seconds. Ozone kills 99.9% of bacteria completely, making the treatment extremely effective. So get rid of all your tooth aches and enjoy a healthy and good looking set of teeth by undergoing HealOzone treatment.

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