Drill Free Dentistry and HealOzone for dental fears

2010 October 7
by Asha Sood

A visit to your NHS dentist or cosmetic dentist in order to undergo dental treatment for your teeth is not something that appeals to many people. The dental drill, recliner chairs, sedatives and uncomfortable surroundings may make you feel uneasy. Your fear of dentists can now be resolved because of a new form of treatment available.

HealOzone Treatment is a new form of dental treatment that works on the principles of using ozone. Ozone is considered to be one of the most powerful oxidants that are used for the effective purification of water and air, destroying bacteria and viruses on a large scale. HealOzone Treatment uses ozone ‘gas’, delivered via a wand to the infected area of a tooth, with the help of a HealOzone machine. The ozone is then broken down into oxygen molecules once it fulfills the requirements of the treatment.

HealOzone is a treatment involving the use of ozone(a form of oxygen atoms), which is utilized to remove decay from gums and teeth. It eliminates or reduces the need to drill or use needles in the mouth by controlled ozone application to the affected area, thereby removing any harmful bacteria and/or decay. Sensitive teeth which dislike the use of drills or needles can undergo HealOzone treatment as it causes minimum tooth sensitivity.

HealOzone Treatment may help increase the speed of your treatment by tackling symptoms of toothache and decay at an effective pace. The ozone can be delivered to spread to all parts of an infected tooth, thereby disinfecting completely and reducing the chance of any infection spreading to other parts of your mouth.

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