HealOzone treatment –a fast and painless way to get rid of dental infection

2010 November 11
by Asha Sood

Maintaining our teeth and keeping them in flawless condition can prove almost impossible. Even if you brush your teeth twice every day, food particles can still remain in the mouth. After all, we cannot carry a toothbrush and toothpaste around with us all the time and it is not practical to brush your teeth every time you eat something, so food particles inevitably remain in your mouth and stuck to your teeth and can cause tooth decay.

Tooth decay occurs due to bacteria produced from food particles in the mouth. Decay can gradually spread resulting in infection of the teeth. This process can go completely unnoticed until your tooth starts hurting and if the infection caused by the bacteria reaches the tooth pulp, the toothache can become unbearable.

At this point, many people will choose to visit a dentist to address the severity of symptoms. If the decay is advanced and has damaged or affected the tooth pulp, root canal treatment may be required, which involves treating the affected tooth and the root to remove the pulp and get rid of the infection.

An easier and alternative treatment that has just made its mark in cosmetic dentistry is the HealOzone treatment. In this treatment, ozone gas is used to kill the bacteria completely and combat the infection. HealOzone is completely painless and drill- free and takes just a few seconds.

HealOzone treatment has proven to be very effective; it uses ozone gas to kill the bacteria and the ozone is able to penetrate around the tightest of crevices and cracks around teeth, unlike a drill.

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