HealOzone – the best method to treat tooth decay

2009 June 26
by Asha Sood

Many people suffer from caries or tooth decay but are afraid to get treated because the conventional method of drilling is very painful. Like many other fields of medical science, cosmetic dentistry has come up with new methods of treatment which are not only more effective but also painless.

Today, you can easily treat your decaying tooth with the help of HealOzone. HealOzone is a new technique for treating caries which is completely painless as no drilling or picking is used in the procedure.

With HealOzone treatment, ozone gas is directed onto the affected tooth. The gas is very effective in killing bacteria and neutralising the acids secreted by the bacteria which cause tooth decay. Ozone is not kept in a reservoir but is created from the oxygen available in air using a special device.

Compared to the drill, HealOzone treatment is not only painless but also offers better results. Since with drilling it is hard to treat tiny cracks and crevices, the bacteria is not killed completely. With HealOzone treatment, since as a gas is used for killing the bacteria, it penetrates the whole area completely, including narrow crevices and tiny cracks, killing 99.9% of bacteria.

Thus, with HealOzone you have a better chance of getting rid of tooth decay in a painless manner.

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