Healthy Teeth and A Smile For Life

2013 July 14

Your smile, its such an important feature yet can be so overlooked.

At a cosmetic level, it defines your facial appearance and at a deeper level, it defines your character and personality, the person seen by the world .

If your teeth are crooked, discoloured, misshapen or unsightly in some other way, not only can this spoil your smile it can also impact on how you feel about yourself and your confidence and self esteem.

A smile makeover could provide the solution to dental problems and might also help to achieve a healthier set of teeth and gums.

Cosmetic and preventative dentistry can make not only a startling and noticeable difference to the appearance of  teeth but also to your overall and long term dental health.

There are many cosmetic dental treatments to help achieve a healthy looking, whiter and younger smile such as porcelain dental veneers to change the shape, size and orientation of teeth or address gappy or goofy smiles and crooked teeth, teeth whitening to lighten and whiten teeth,  dental implants and dental bridges to replace missing teeth and white fillings which are mercury free and are also a more aesthetically pleasing option than amalgam or silver fillings. Any good dentists will always first check the oral health of your teeth and gums and get them healthy before embarking on the treatments that may be recommended or required for a cosmetic dental treatment and a smile makeover.

The cost of cosmetic dental treatments and a smile makeover will vary depending on the cosmetic dentist carrying out your treatment, how complicated the work is and geographical location and where you live.The length of time to achieve a smile transformation can vary from a few days or weeks to several months or longer and will be dependent on the complexity and amount of dental treatment required to achieve the final results you require.

Surveys show that many people who undertake cosmetic dental treatment for cosmetic reasons also reap the benefits of a more positive self image which in term can lead to greater success and positive  interactions both socially and professionally.

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