How to Keep Teeth Whiter for Longer

2011 October 10
by Asha Sood

With so many cosmetic dentistry treatments available to hold back the years these days, considering your teeth and smile is crucial and could help you look years younger. Tooth whitening is an increasingly popular choice in achieving a healthier looking and whiter smile which in turn, make an individual look younger.

There are many teeth whitening treatments and products available on the market these days; From tooth whitening pastes, strips and pens to tray whitening whilst you’re out shopping to the array of choices your cosmetic dentist may have on offer in the dental surgery.Many of the cheap, easy and quick fix treatments offered can be superficial in the results they achieve and at worst, they may even damage your teeth and gums.

For the safest and most effective tooth whitening results, nothing beats professional laser tooth whitening supplied by a good cosmetic dentist.

Teeth can get discoloured for varying reasons such as food consumption, smoking, drinking red wine or coffee or simply just ageing. Stubborn stains can become difficult to remove over time and may even intensify, leaving you with a lack of confidence and a non-existent smile.

Professional laser tooth whitening is a procedure that can lighten your teeth several shades in a matter of an hour in the dental surgery. This is an effective treatment but afterwards the teeth have to be maintained in order to keep them looking white.

Here are some aftercare tips on maintaing your white smile following laser teeth whitening:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after meals.
  • Reduce your consumption of caffeine, red wine or other dark coloured foods and drinks.

These steps are very effective in keeping teeth white and should ensure that you retain that brighter smile and look younger than you did before.

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