Is Cheap Teeth Whitening as Good as a Cosmetic Dentists Teeth Whitening?

2010 October 28
by Asha Sood

Everyone likes a clean white set of teeth and a great smile. Healthy looking white teeth make you look younger and improve your image and the impression you create when you meet people. When an individual has stained or discoloured teeth, they may find it difficult to talk, laugh or smile, which can sometimes translate into low self esteem and decreased self confidence.

The main causes of tooth staining and discolouration are eating habits, ageing and excessive consumption of tea, coffee and also tobacco. The easiest way to address this is by undergoing teeth whitening. There are different kinds of tooth whitening treatments available:

Teeth whitener carried out by a dentist/professional:
The recommended way to get your teeth whitened is by visiting a professional. With the help of a good cosmetic dentist, you can be assured that the treatment will be tailored to your individual requirements to give you the results you are looking for.

The dentist will examine your teeth before deciding what kind of whitening procedure will best suit your needs and they will also be able to give you good dental advice alongside your treatment.

At home DIY teeth whitening:
Do-it-yourself teeth whitening can be undertaken without any professional dental advice but should be approached with care. The process is carried out by applying whitening gel to trays you mould to fit your teeth from a home teeth whitening kit.

The results will vary as the whitening or bleaching agents aren’t the same as the one a dentist would use and you cannot expect your teeth to become instantly white or achieve the same results as professional teeth whitening carried out by a cosmetic dentist.

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