Laser teeth whitening – the easiest and fastest way to whiten your teeth

2009 April 18
by Asha Sood

Having a set of sparkling white teeth can work wonders for you. Often, the natural beauty of your teeth may become tainted due to discolouration and stains which develop as you age.

An easy way to regain a youthful smile and boost your confidence in the process is through laser teeth whitening treatment.

Unlike other methods of teeth whitening, which can be time consuming and do not always yield satisfactory results, laser teeth whitening is a short procedure that can give instant results. The procedure for laser teeth whitening is straightforward and completely painless.

In laser teeth whitening, a chemical is applied to the surface of your teeth followed by treatment with and exposure to a laser light. On being exposed to the laser, the whitening chemical begin to react with the light and starts to whiten the teeth.

This procedure takes about an hour at the dentist surgery but the whitening reaction carries on working inside your teeth, even after the treatment is complete.

With sparkling white teeth, your self-confidence can be given a boost and this can help you to interact better with people around you.

In order to maintain your whiter teeth, you must follow the recommended measures and aftercare advice that your dentist recommends.

Brushing your teeth at least twice daily is a must. You should also maintain good oral hygiene and wash your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Avoid eating food items which may stain your teeth and drinking too much red wine, coffee or tea.

If you cannot avoid such food and drinks completely, consume them in small amounts as they may lead to discolouration of your teeth.

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