Laser tooth whitening – an excellent alternative

2009 March 16
by Asha Sood

Tooth whitening is a safe, fast and effective process for whitening your teeth. It has been used for quite some time in the field of dental cosmetics. Tooth whitening is a process by which stains are removed from the surface of the tooth in order to improve their brightness. No other process besides laser tooth whitening provides such good results.

Of all the currently available procedures, laser tooth whitening is the most advanced and effective one. It also one of the most popular procedures for that very reason. It shows assured and immediate results.

Initially the dentist cleans every tooth in order to remove plaque. Then, laser tooth whitening works via a gel which penetrates the enamel which when activated by a laser, brightens the teeth. The laser activates crystals within the whitening gel and these crystals absorb the energy that is released form the laser light which gives rise to the whitening effect.

This procedure can be repeated, depending on the degree of staining. It is also a relatively quick process and so suits people who want excellent results in a short space of time.

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