Look Younger, Smile Whiter

2011 May 13
by Asha Sood

Holding back the years and maintaing a youthful smile is as much to do with what you avoid eating and drinking as it is to do with what you consume

Follow our tips and guidelines below for maintaining your teeth and a younger looking smile:

  • Avoid Smoking:stained teeth, bad breath and wrinkles around the lips-good enough reasons to kick the habit !From a health perspective, smoking also depletes the body of vital nutrients making you more prone to gum disease and infections as well as posing risks to your overall health
  • Limit your consumption of tea and coffee and replace with alternatives such as green or herbal tea,water and lighter coloured drinks.
  • Red wine may be good for your heart but it’s not great for your pearly whites-you could either opt for white wine or if you can’t bear to give up on your favourite tipple, either rinse your mouth or have a glass of water after consuming red wine
  •  Other foods which stain teeth include blueberries,cranberries, tumeric(in curries),beetroot and balsamic vinegar.Some of these are nature’s ‘superfoods’ and certainly shouldn’t be eliminated from your diet but rinsing your mouth after eating them will limit the tooth staining effects
  • Avoid boiled sweets and chewy sugary treats. These are particularly damaging to your smile due to the length of time the sugars remain in contact with your teeth and the prolonged exposure to the resulting acids generated in your mouth
  • Eliminate sugary,fizzy and acidic drinks-your tooth enamel is under attack which in turn leads to dental decay, infection, gum disease and in the long term, the chance of losing your teeth

So look after your teeth and choose your drinks, treats and foods carefully; you could add or eliminate years to how you feel and look.

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