Maintain oral hygiene to keep your teeth white and your breath fresh

2009 March 5
by Asha Sood

It is true that a smile can brighten anyone’s day and smiles are regarded to be one of the main assets of a person. So how can people get and maintain a great smile?

If you go to see a cosmetic dentist, you can get a whiter smile through the process of laser teeth whitening.

The results of this process can be seen from the very first sitting itself, although people need to remember that once they have undergone laser teeth whitening, they need to take care of their newly whitened teeth in order to keep them that way.

Here are a few steps that can help keep teeth white.

• Teeth tend to get stained when they are not brushed regularly. This will also result in poor oral hygiene. It is very important to brush teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating food.

• It is also important to watch the kind of food you consume. There are a lot of acidic foods like lemons, oranges and tomatoes that can affect the enamel of your teeth, but it is not possible to stay away from these foods completely. To reduce the impact they have on your teeth, a good idea would be to brush your teeth or rinse them after consuming them.

• Regular dental check-ups also help a great deal in terms of keeping teeth healthy and bright.

These steps can work wonders to give you white teeth and fresh breath for a long time.

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