Missing Teeth : Options from Our Cosmetic Dentist

2013 September 17

Persistent toothache  may be an indication of  an infection or decay in the tooth and can cause misery and pain if you are suffering. You should visit your dentist to address the problem as soon as possible as if a tooth which has decay in it is left untreated, it can cause more severe dental problems further downstream as well as potentially leading to other health issues too.

Depending on what your dentist diagnoses,  removal of the tooth might be one of the options you may have to consider. However, if  there is  infection present and this can be isolated and treated with antibiotics by your dentist , it might be feasible (and no doubt preferable) that tooth extraction can be avoided.

As loss of teeth can have both functional and psychological implications, saving or mending a tooth is usually the preferred option.

However, if saving your tooth proves impossible  and the dentist has no choice but to extract it, you will be left with a gap and you will then need to consider how you may wish to address this from both a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Should you be faced with this dilemma, there are many treatment options  for missing teeth and these are outlined below:

Dental Implants

  •  A popular treatment choice for replacement of missing teeth providing you have suitable jawbone to support a tooth
  • Dental Implants function like your own teeth and also look like real teeth
  • They are permanent, durable and should last for many years with good care
  • They do not need other teeth for support as they are held securely in position in your jaw

Dental Bridges:

  • A widely utilised dental option providing you have healthy and strong teeth to support the dental bridge
  • Available in a variety of choices and materials  e.g : Porcelain , Metal , Maryland Bridge

Dentures(or False Teeth):

  • Not permanent and will need replacing if gums shrink with age or due to wear and tear on denture
  • Discomfort and soreness can occur due to the friction present between the denture material and the gums
  • Can be difficult to achieve good aesthetics and function compared with dental implants and dental bridges
  • A relatively cheap option in terms of cost

Our cosmetic dentist  derby are available for dental referral or advice on any aspect of your dental treatment and options for missing teeth

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