NHS or Cosmetic Dentistry?

2013 June 12

Are you looking for a good dentist in Derby , possibly just for routine NHS dental treatment but you may also consider cosmetic dental treatment now or in the near future and are worried about your options, choices and the costs and need some guidance and advice ?

You know you don’t want to compromise with your teeth as they are, after all, the only set you will have and need to last you into your old age; Yet you can’t decide whether to go with the recommendation of your friend who swears hers is the best dentist in Derby or the cosmetic dentist in London whom you’ve seen on television and offers a range of high spec treatments such as teeth straightening, dental implants and invisible braces but the costs is way beyond your means.

You may be in the dark about the pros and cons of the types of dental treatments on offer, which dentist to go to for your particular dental needs and whether it’s available locally or you will have to travel miles to get what you want. Many NHS dentists may only offer a limited range of dental procedures so where to begin?

A range of cosmetic dental treatments are now available from dental clinics where you may also have the option to see an NHS dentist for your routine dental treatment and you don’t have to travel to London to access the best services. It’s a good idea to be ask family and friends for recommendations, do your research (the web is a great place to start) and speak to the dental clinic about the services they have on offer. And remember, the most important consideration is the dentist and the team who carry out your treatment-so do find a dentist you’re comfortable with, who listens to your needs and in whom you have confidence and trust and an established dental practice with a strong clinical team and a good reputation.

Good ongoing oral health and hygiene are the starting blocks for healthy teeth and a lovely smile so it is important to visit your dentist and dental hygienist on a regular basis. In addition, if you are considering some type of ‘cosmetic’ treatment, the cosmetic dental team you choose should ensure your gums and teeth are healthy and suitable before embarking on such treatments.

There are a vast array of cosmetic dental treatments available to help you achieve a whiter, brighter or younger looking smile, replace lost teeth and/or straighten teeth. Some of the most popular ones today include:

Professional Teeth Whitening: Due to a recent EU ruling, it is illegal for anyone other than a dental professional to carry out tooth whitening treatment; The concentration and strength of the whitening solution required to achieve a suitable ‘whitening’ or ‘bleaching’ result is such that these solutions should now only be supplied and administered by a dental professional. So don’t be tempted by cheap or discounted teeth whitening offers or products available everywhere and anywhere; ask yourself why it’s cheap, is the treatment or product being supplied legally and is it safe. And ultimately, what risks are you taking to achieve a result you may be, at the very least, be potentially disappointed with and at the worst, cause damage to your teeth and gums.

Invisalign  : These are like ‘invisible braces’ and are a tray and custom made aligner system designed to be worn over your teeth.The Invisalign Trays are held in position over your teeth, usually worn during the daytime. Each set is changed for a new set or tray system every few weeks which works by slowly allowing the teeth to move into a straighter position.

Invisalign treatment has the advantage that the trays can be removed to clean your teeth, drink and eat. They are comfortable to wear in you mouth and can be used by all ages, young or old.

Dental implants  : These are substitutes for a missing tooth or missing teeth and made from a titanium. They are durable and natural looking allowing you to eat and chew like you would with your own real teeth and making them hard to distinguish in appearance from real teeth.

Our Derby dentists offer NHS , specialist and cosmetic dentistry

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  1. Eilidh MacRae permalink
    June 18, 2013

    Great guide about choosing whether to go with the NHS or go private. Thanks for this.

  2. Vu Le permalink
    June 28, 2013

    This is a very good article. It will be very helpful for people who are confused between going with NHS or going private. Cosmetic dentistry has certainly made a great impact on our society.

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