Options For Straightening Your Teeth From Your Invisalign Dentist In Derby

2013 July 3

If you are considering teeth straightening treatment you may be presented with a wide variety of dental treatment options to choose from.

Consider your choices and range of options including the pros and cons of the various treatments on offer before you make your final decision

Some of the treatments you may wish to consider are outlined below:

  • Ceramic Brackets(sometimes known as ‘train tracks’)

This is the tradional form of orthodontics used to straighten teeth and can either be the traditional metal braces(or train tracks) or white, ceramic brackets. They are worn on the teeth and gradually tightened and adjusted by your orthodontist to push and move teeth into the desired and final position.The clear or ceramic brackets have the advantage of blending and merging with your teeth and consequently are virtually unnoticeable and invisible.

Invisalign is a treatment growing in popularity both with adults and teenagers. It is a relatively new tooth straightening dental system which uses clear trays(better known as aligners) being worn over your teeth to straighten them. These aligners are designed to gradually move your teeth into a straighter alignment and position, gradually over a period of months. Each set of aligners is changed for a new set over time in order to achieve the movement and pressure necessary to achieve the required position of teeth. They aligners are almost invisible so it is virtually impossible to know you are wearing them which is one of the reasons for their popularity.

There are other alternative treatments involving the use of an ‘invisible’ aligner or trays similar to invisalign on the market which work in a similar fashion.

  • Lingual Orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics involves the fitting of a brace behind your teeth so it is virtually invisible and nobody knows you are wearing a ‘brace’. The movement of the teeth is reliant on the braces gradually moving and adjusting the position of the teeth to the required alignment.These braces are available as either made to measure or standard fittings.

Dental treatment costs can vary depending on the tooth straightening you opt for and the amount of work involved in achieving the final result which will vary from one individual to the next.

Interest free payment plans and financing is often available for such dental treatments which can help spread the cost if cost is an issue.

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