Root Canal Treatment could prevent losing a tooth

2013 June 12

Teeth can often get infected with bacteria which can lead to decay as a result of poor or inadequate oral hygiene. When dental infection penetrates the outer enamel and layers of the tooth structure and makes its way into the root of a tooth where the blood vessels are found, this can become crucial to the health of the tooth affected. Such an infection can lead not only to severe toothache and pain but also to dental decay and furthermore, this can affect the surrounding area including the jaw bone which can lead to further dental complications.

Infected teeth should be treated as soon as possible and not left for long periods with infection present- if they are not, it can give rise to dental complications which might lead to the necessity of having the affected tooth or teeth being extracted.

Root canal treatment, which involves removal of the infected pulp of a tooth, is often prescribed by specialist dentists in such cases in order to help treat a tooth which has become affected and to prevent the further spread of infection.

The pulp of a tooth is made up of blood vessels and nerves which are essential in the early formation of the tooth during the growth phase. When the pulp of the tooth becomes infected, the bacteria enters the blood vessels and nerves and if left untreated, this can lead to a harmful and painful abscess.

Root canal treatment is the dental procedure where the pulp of the tooth is removed by a specialist dentist who can often carry out the treatment in one visit under local anaesthetic.

Root canal treatment is a good option to save a tooth which might otherwise require the tooth to be removed.

Many dentists can carry out root canal treatment but they are not always highly experienced in this field of work. To find the best dentist in Derby for your root canal treatment, ask for patient recommendations ,check the specialist professional training the endodontist has undertaken in this area of expertise and ask whether he or she is on the specialist list for carrying out this type of treatment.

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