Root Canal Treatment From Your Specialist Derby Dentist

2011 October 28
by Asha Sood

A damaged tooth can sometimes require specialist dental treatment such as root canal treatment to repair damage and restore it to a healthy condition.

Root canal treatment is usually performed by a dentist when the damaged tooth has broken down or experienced decay.A specialist dentist may need to carry out the treatment if it is a difficult case, the infection is severe and widespread
and there are potential dental complications associated.

The tooth nerve may have been damaged or there may be infection present which leads to the severe toothache and pain that is often associated with this dental condition. The discomfort and pain is mainly caused due to infection in
the nerves and therefore, the problem needs to be addressed at the root of your tooth to treat it and also to prevent infection from spreading further.

If infection of the nerves is not treated in the early stages of the condition and left to worsen, the spread of infection can occur into oral bone which can cause further dental complications. To address and treat this type of dental problem and infection, root canal treatment may be necessary. This dental treatment involves removal of the tooth crown on the infected tooth followed by treatment of the infected tissue and through cleaning of the surrounding area too.

Root canal treatment should also prevent recurrence of the infection as the dentist fills the infected area and then covers it with a new crown which acts as a seal on the treated tooth. Root canal treatment required ongoing follow-ups, both with the dentist and a dental hygienist.

Root canal treatments are not always as painful as they are sometimes portrayed.The treatment can often be completed on a one visit appointment to the dentist although more complicated cases with greater and extensive tooth damage may require more time and appointments. Whichever the case, root canal treatment from a good dentist will go a long way in restoring unhealthy teeth to better dental health and protecting your teeth in the long run.

We now have a specialist dentist at our derby dental practice providing specialist root canal treatment.

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