Root canal treatment helps to get rid of the infection without removing the tooth

2009 July 7
by Asha Sood

Often teeth get infected due to improper oral hygiene. When the infection gets through the outer layers of the tooth to the root where the blood vessels are present, the infection reaches a dangerous stage. The infection causes not only tooth decay and pain but can also affect the jaw bone and the area in this vicinity.

If such infected teeth are left unattended, it can give rise to undesirable medical situations where you might need to have teeth removed. Root canal treatment is a way in which further infection is stopped and the tooth is made completely free from infection. This is done by removing the infected pulp of the tooth.

The pulp comprises nerves and blood vessels that help in the formation of the tooth in the growing period. When the infection that has affected the pulp of the tooth is not treated it can result in a harmful abscess which affects the health of the patient.

Root canal treatment is the medical procedure where the pulp of the tooth is removed completely. Root canal treatment requires a few visits to the dentist. Compared to having teeth removed, root canal treatment is a much better option.

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