Simple pointers that can help maintain dental implants properly

2011 December 2
by Asha Sood

Our teeth play an important function in our lives and our smiles speak volumes about the messages we convey. Without our teeth, we would be unable to appreciate the various delicious cuisines that the world has to offer us and without our smiles, we would not be able to communicate effectively or connect with people around us.

Nobody wants to display chipped, crooked teeth or discoloured teeth or a not so beautiful smile these days.

If you have missing teeth, there are so many more options to replace them other than a denture and one of the most advanced and permanent solutions is a dental implant.

There are different types of implants that people can opt for, but regardless of the type of dental implant you have, it is extremely important to take proper care of them.

Below are a few simple guidelines and points related to dental implants:

• They require care and attention like you would for your normal teeth and this means regular brushing, flossing, cleaning and checkups at the dentist.

• The toothbrush you use is very important: Use a special interdental brush or a small sized toothbrush as these are perfect for cleaning the abutments of your implants.

• It is also important to known which foods to avoid and which are healthy. Just as with your natural teeth, foods with too much sugar are not recommended on a regular basis as they can lead to the development of acids which can damage your gums and teeth and also your implants.

It is vital that you develop good oral hygiene habits and a maintenance routine at home and with your dentist.Good maintenance is vitally important as this will prolong the lifespan of your dental implants.

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