Sparkle and Smile

2010 September 24
by Asha Sood

One of the most popular and often requested cosmetic dentistry techniques is laser teeth whitening. It is used to whiten your discoloured yellow teeth and is quick, effective and painless.


When compared to home kits like whitening gels, whitening trays, whitening strips and other over-the-counter whitening products, it is more expensive. But when the treatment cost is compared considering the effects and results achieved through laser teeth whitening, you will consider it money well spent.


Unlike whitening strips, where it takes at least 30 days to see any difference in the whitening of your teeth, laser teeth whitening yields immediate results. The differences in the results achieved via laser teeth whitening compared to other whitening products is considerable.


Your teeth may have become discoloured for a number of reasons, such as chewing tobacco, drinking caffeinated drinks, consuming red wine etc. Discoloured teeth can result in a reluctance to smile and be embarrassing at social get-togethers, meetings and parties leading to low self-confidence. To help you regain a confident and beautiful smile, a quick-fix procedure you may wish to consider is laser teeth whitening.


Laser teeth whitening involves the use of a whitening gel alongside a laser to reverse the discolouration of your teeth. Laser teeth whitening carried out by your cosmetic dentist can provide you with a safe, gentle, effective and fast teeth whitening result in just one short visit to the dental clinic.


Although laser teeth whitening is an effective whitening procedure, it is still important to take proper care of your teeth and gums after treatment, brushing and cleaning them regularly to maintain your white smile.

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