Some factors to be considered before undergoing cosmetic dentistry

2010 October 24
by Asha Sood

All of us would like to have the perfect smile, but nature is not so generous to everyone. Even if you are one of those lucky few who never required braces while growing up, the passage of time and habits such as drinking coffee or smoking, can result in stains and chips on your teeth.

Until some years ago, the average person could not have done many things to improve the appearance of their teeth other than cleaning them and visiting the dentist once every six months. However, the past two decades have seen many improvements in the field of dentistry that it is now possible for all of us to have perfect teeth.

However, there are some factors that you must consider when making your decisions:

• The materials used in cosmetic dental treatments are not indestructible. Although veneers and crowns used nowadays are much more durable, they will not last forever.

• It is important to be practical and not expect a miracle from the cosmetic dentist. The dentist can only change the shape of your teeth and brighten them. They cannot change the shape of your mouth or overall appearance. That said, an improved smile should make a huge difference in that regard.

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