Laser teeth whitening:costs and useful facts

2010 September 23
by Asha Sood

One of the most difficult things to live with is yellow teeth and a discoloured smile. We all want to express our happiness, success and pleasure with a smile but if you have an unattractive smile, you may feel forced to cover your mouth when you smile or speak; this in term can affect your self esteem, confidence and social interaction with the people around you.If this sounds familiar, laser tooth whitening may be an ideal solution for you.

The procedure for laser tooth whitening is relatively straightforward and quick, approximately a one hour single session for most cases.

The advanced laser tooth whitening process combines laser light with a whitening gel. The teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth and laser light is used to activate the crystals to initiate the discoloration procedure.

The cost of laser tooth whitening can vary depending on the extent of teeth whitening required to achieve the final result. The price will also depend on the geographical location and the place of treatment.

Laser teeth whitening plays a vital role in reversing the effects of ageing caused by discoloured teeth and helping to achieve a beautiful white smile. One of the benefits of the procedure is that there are minimal side effects. Laser tooth whitening is also relatively quick and straightforward as well as being a painless process as there is no drilling involved.

Laser tooth whitening produces good results and many people report both subtle and dramatic results alongside a marked improvement in the colour of their teeth and the overall appearance of their smile.

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