Straighten Teeth The Invisible Way

2013 August 28

Think you need traditional braces to straighten your teeth or that braces are for teenagers alone?

Think again.The days when a mouthful of uncomfortable metal and endless painful trips to the orthodontist was the only way you were going to get rid of those buck teeth or that unattractive smile are log over and there are an array of teeth straightening dental treatments available to you today.

Invisalign Treatment is one of the advances in teeth straightening technology which allows you to straighten your teeth the invisible way. Which means not only can you achieve a straighter smile without anyone even knowing you’re wearing a ‘brace’ on your teeth you can do so at any age, dispelling the myth that ‘braces are only for teenagers’.

Invisalign uses a tray system and custom made teeth aligners which are clear(and almost invisible) which you wear over your teeth. These trays are changed periodically, every few weeks, to gradually move your teeth into the required alignment and position, over a period of time.

The Invisalign Trays are kept in place over the teeth during the day and each set is changed over time for a new and different set or tray system hence slowly moving teeth into a straighter position.

The trays can be removed for eating, drinking or cleaning of teeth and is a comfortable and aesthetically suitable option for all age groups, young and old.

Invisalign may not be a suitable option for you and should this be the case, there are other ‘invisible’ teeth straightening treatments available . A Lingual Brace is another invisible teeth straightening treatment. It is a fixed metal brace that sits behind or inside the teeth, hence it cannot be seen. Lingual Braces cannot be removed for eating, drinking or cleaning of teeth but some people prefer this type of brace to the traditional metal ‘train tracks’ or traditional braces for cosmetic  reasons.

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