Straighter teeth, Whiter teeth, Healthier teeth.Your Essential Guide to a Dazzling Smile

2011 June 16
by Asha Sood

Teeth Whitening can lighten your tooth colour by several shades and give your face an instant lift and make you look younger.It’s great for achieving a quick fix  to a brighter, whiter smile with almost immmediate results.The downside is the results don’t last forever and staining can reappear after 6-18months depending on your diet and lifestyle.There are a vast array of tooth whitening treatments ranging from power or laser tooth whitening to tray based tooth whitening to toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth.The results and outcome vary considerably and will depend on the products used,the active ingredients and the technique utilised.Ultimately, a good cosmetic dentist should be able to advise and guide you on the most suitable treatment option to achieve the best results.

Porcelain Veneers are ‘fingernails’ of porcelain applied to your teeth and are widely utilised in smile makeovers.They are good for closing gaps between teeth,changing the colour , shape and size of your teeth and straightening crooked or uneven teeth.Veneers are permanently fixed to teeth and do entail removal of a small amount of natural tooth enamel so they should only be carried out following a consultation with a good cosmetic dentist.With good aftercare, veneers should last from 10-15 years.

Dental Implants look like real teeth but are a titanium substitute for replacing a missing tooth.They can be fitted into your jaw and once integrated, look just like a natural tooth. They are strong, durable and permanent and can last many years but it is important to maintain regular and thorough oral hygiene.It is highly advisable to have this procedure carried out by a dentist who has been trained to fit dental implants.

White or Porcelain Fillings are good for replacing old style metal or mercury fillings and give a good aesthetic and natural result whereby it is difficult to tell your teeth have been filled.

Porcelain Crowns are false teeth fitted over damaged or broken down teeth to improve function and appearance.Porcelain crowns avoid the dark or metal line that is sometimes appears with porcelain bonded to metal crowns when gums begin to recede.

Dental Bridges are a row or ‘bridge’  of false teeth where the two teeth either side of a gap are utilised as anchors to create a bridge and thereby fill the space or gap between them.They create a natural look and are good for replacing multiple missing teeth and with good aftercare, can last from 10-15 years.

Cosmetic Contouring is a technique whereby your cosmetic dentist can contour and file down your teeth to create the desired shape or size.It is a useful for addressing minor imperfections such as slightly pointed or jagged teeth with the amount requiring to be filed away being very minimal.

Cosmetic Bonding is a techniques whereby a white pliable substance called composite resin is moulded and shaped around the tooth in order to repair minor chips in the tooth or close small gaps.It is a reversible procedure and last 3-5 years.However, it is only suitable for small defects.Composite resin can discolour so it’s a good idea to avoid smoking and drinking too much coffee and red  wine and maintaining a good oral hygiene is necessary.

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