Teeth whitening a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure

2011 September 28
by Asha Sood

Teeth whitening is a very popular and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure but it may not be suitable for everyone and some people may not get the required results for a number of reasons.

People with sensitive gums could suffer from gum irritation whilst undertaking teeth whitening treatment. This may be a due to unhealthy gums or receding gums as a result of ageing or gum disease. For this reason,it is essential to make sure your oral health and gums are in optimum condition before starting teeth whitening treatment so a visit to your dentist is highly advisable.

The teeth whitening process will also not work on porcelain dental veneers, composite or white fillings or dental crowns or caps. In the case of holes and cavities in your teeth, gum disease or eroded tooth enamel, the teeth whitening process may again prove to be ineffective.

Children who are under 16 years of age are not advised to undergo teeth whitening as their teeth and structure are still developing and changing.

Teeth whitening is also inadvisable for pregnant or lactating women, as the effects of the whitening agent or tooth bleach on an unborn child or a breast-fed baby are unknown.

The teeth whitening procedure is also unsuitable for anyone who is allergic to peroxide or carbamide as these are the bleaching agents used in the tooth whitening process.

Always seek advice from a good cosmetic dentist before commencing any tooth whitening process whether it be a dental kit, home tooth whitening or laser teeth whitening procedure.

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