Teeth Whitening:The Benefits

2010 September 9
by Asha Sood

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching as it is sometimes known, is a cosmetic dental procedure that recovers the original colour of the teeth. It is aimed at the removal of stains or discolouration of the teeth so that they can look white and shiny again. It is also a subtle age-reversing procedure as a whiter and brighter smile radiates youth and can make you look so much fresher and younger.

Even if you brush your teeth regularly, it may still be likely that your teeth will lose their shine and colour as a result of staining from food, drinks, smoking or from natural ageing.

Discoloured teeth are often caused by smoking or staining foods. Even consuming too much tea or coffee can leave teeth discoloured.

Tooth whitening might benefit you in many ways:

In our day to day activities, we have to communicate and interact with people, both professionally and socially. If your teeth are stained,discoloured or yellow, this can have an impact on your overall appearance and the impressions you create on the people around you.

In order to maintain good dental health, it is advised that you adopt a good homecare routine for looking after your teeth as well as having regular dental checkups and oral hygiene appointments at your dental surgery.

Regular dental checkups will allow your dentist to monitor the health of your teeth and gums. If you are considering a teeth whitening procedure, it will also allow your cosmetic dentist to make a clinical assessment of your teeth, determine the severity of discolouration and staining and advise you accordingly how to best address this issue.

Tooth whitening as a cosmetic dental procedure is becoming increasingly popular as it allows many people to transform the colour of their teeth and subtly reverse the signs of ageing in as little as one hour.

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