The Pros And Cons Of Teeth Whitening Systems

2011 August 24
by Asha Sood

Pearly Whites are here to stay and you have a vast array of choices when it comes to the treatments on offer.So for teeth whitening fans everywhere, below are the pros and cons which might help you decide what’s best for you:

  • Whitening Toothpastes:

These Contain ingredients which normally work by abrasive action on surface staining on teeth.

Pros: They are easy and generally safe to use at home.can be fitted into your everyday brushing and oral hygiene routine

Cons: They work only at a surface level by removing superficila stains.They won’t change the intrinsic shade of your teeth so results can be temporary and short-lived

  • Over The Counter Tooth Bleaching Kits:

This usually entails using peroxide gel as the whitening or bleaching agent. The peroxide is delivered to the teeth either using a tray that fits over the teeth or via strips applied to the teeth.Worn daily for between 10-20 minutes each day and up to 2weeks for treatment to produce results

Pros: You dont need to visit a dentist and the costs are considerably less

Cons: The results are not guaranteed and can vary considerably too.Ill-fitting trays can result in bleaching agent leaching onto gums and causing damage , sensitivity and pain

  • Professional Dental Bleaching Kits :

This treatment is based on the whitening agent(either peroxide or carabamide) being placed in a custom-made tray being worn on your teeth daily(or nightly) for 7-10 days

Pros:The trays are custom made to fit over each individual’s teeth to leaching is less likely to occur.The whitening agent or gel is usually stronger as it is suppled under the dentist’s supervision. Consequently, professional and dental follow up ensures any side effects can be addressed and the treatment can be tailored to achieve the required whitening results.

Cons:The dentist has to supply the trays and solutions and the cost can be higher

Carried out in the dentist chair using a photosensitive whitening gel or soultion and a laser to activate and perform the treatment.

Pros:The treatment takes approximately an hour and the results are almost instant. Treatment can also be much more specifically targetted to particular teeth which may require more whitening

Cons:You may need to visit your cosmetc dentist more than once if you require subsequent treatments and dramatic results.Most costly of all the teeth whitening and bleaching treatments available


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