Toothache and Dental Pain may need Root canal treatment to save your damaged teeth

2010 November 13
by Asha Sood

Tooth infection or dental decay can cause severe dental pain and sometimes, this can be severe enough to require necessary extraction of a tooth in order for your dentist to address this dental problem. Sometimes, if the dental infection can be contained and treated, removing your tooth can be avoided.

Your NHS dentist or cosmetic dentist may try to repair damaged teeth with root canal treatment rather than extracting them, if possible, as loss of teeth can cause both psychological and functional issues.

Furthermore, decaying teeth, if left untreated, can give refuge to a number of toxic materials and bacteria which may enter your bloodstream. These harmful materials can, in turn, cause other health issues, besides the tooth infection which may require antibiotics.

Root canal treatment works by removing the infected and damaged nerves of your tooth, rather than the tooth itself. Following nerve removal, your tooth and its chamber are then cleaned thoroughly to rid them from the bacteria, so that the canal can be sealed.

In this way, root canal treatment not only gets rid of the harmful infection and addresses the original problem, it also prevents the unnecessary extraction of a painful tooth and avoids the issue of further treatments for replacing the consequent gaps.

However, if you visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, you can avoid dental problems such as tootache from decay in your teeth.

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