Tooth Whitening using Laser Whitening Technology

2011 December 6
by sponna

If you are looking for a quick fix boost to make you look younger and give you that instant wow factor, tooth whitening may be the answer for you. Laser teeth whitening has become an increasingly sought after treatment recently and is a great way to change the colour of your teeth as well as being more cost-effective than many other procedures, dental or otherwise. Laser tooth whitening usually gives good results whereby it is possible for peopl with yellowish-brown and unsightly teeth to transform their smiles to a whiter, brighter and more dazzling smile.

Laser teeth whitening is also widely referred to as power bleaching and when done properly and with the correct concentration of whitening or bleaching product, is carried out by a cosmetic dentist in the dental surgery to achieve effective results.The results of a good laser teeth whitening treatment procedure should last for several years if you take good care of your teeth and are particular about the foods you include and exclude within your diet.

Laser teeth whitening is not a complicated procedure and usually painless and comfortable producing noticeable white teeth and impressive results in a limited period if you are short on time. This makes it a popular cosmetic dentistry procedures with many dental patients and is one of the main reasons it is so frequently requested in the dental clinic.

The Laser teeth whitening treatment involves the dental hygienist(or in some cases the dentist) cleaning the teeth thoroughly to remove build up of any plaque, following which the gums and lips are isolated utilising a rubber dam or similar device before commencing with the teeth whitening treatment.

The cosmetic dentist uses a special light activated laser in this treatment as this is what helps accelerate and promote the oxidation of the gel which in turn whitens the teeth.The gel is applied to the teeth,then  activated using the laser and the procedure usually takes no more than an hour in the dental chair.The results of laser teeth whitening are immediate and there are usually few side effects other than tooth sensitivity which can sometimes be experienced by some individuals; However, this should not be a reason to avoid tooth whitening as this side effect is easily treated with sensitive toothpaste and mild painkillers.

Many individuals have discovered the secret to a more radiant appearance and a more attractive smile as they request laser teeth whitening treatment to help them whiten their teeth and gain a youthful and beautiful new look.

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