Top Reasons To Get Dental Implants

2010 September 26
by Asha Sood

A Dental implant is a natural-looking substitute for a missing tooth. Dental Implants can be useful in cases where a tooth or several teeth have been lost, either as a result of injury, gum disease or natural loss of teeth as a result of old age.

 As a treatment choice over dentures, dental implants provide several advantages such as greater stability and permanence, improved speech and a restoration of oral function such as eating and drinking. The permanence of dental implants eliminates the worry of wearing and removing them time and again, unlike dentures which often require messy adhesives and daily cleaning and maintenance.

Oral functions that are often taken for granted with natural teeth can be restored to an individual who may have had to live with missing teeth and compromised function. The consumption of food and drink is  improved with dental implants often leading to a better quality of life.

One of the other benefits of dental implants is that they can help restore self belief and self esteem. Many people may become withdrawn and avoid smiling, talking and socialising due to missing teeth, but a dental implant can help restore confidence by providing a good substitute for natural looking teeth.

Once a dental implants has integrated, they look, feel and function very much like normal teeth.

A dental assessment with an implant specialist is recommended before deciding whether an implant could be the treatment option to suit you.

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  1. Kathy Tennant permalink
    January 18, 2011

    I had 5 implants with a 5 bridge, completed in December 2010. ( 1 month ago) I do not like the appearance – they are far too large for my mouth, especially the canine teeth. I have lost confidence, avoid smiling or laughing, I am covering my mouth. I re-mortgaged my home to pay for these teeth. The dentist was very rough and bullying and I am so afraid of him, I would not dare go back. I did mention that I thought the teeth were too big and he became very abusive to me, saying they were better than my “little granny teeth”. I would value a further opinion about the appearance of these teeth. I certainly do not want to go back to that particular dentist. The fit and comfort is very good – just the appearance is not what I expected. I would be grateful if you would reply and give me some advice on this. I am 63 years old and female and still think appearance is important. Many thanks in anticipation.

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