Treat tooth decay without dental drilling

2010 October 27
by Asha Sood

Are you nervous of dental treatment and dread going to the dentist? They might even view  the dentist as a cruel person who only likes to inflict pain, which is obviously not the case!

A visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be an experience to dread. With HealOzone, you can take care of tooth decay without drilling.

Until recently, the only dental treatment that was considered effective against tooth decay was drilling. Most dentists viewed drilling as the only solution for stopping the infection from spreading and for stopping tooth decay.

More than 90% of adults suffer from tooth decay and finding a suitable solution is necessary. However, various studies have shown that drilling is ineffective in stopping the spread of tooth decay and in over 80% of cases where drilling was done, the tooth decay remained. The infection would continue to spread, grow and often lead to more serious dental problems.

With HealOzone, the affected tooth is sprayed with ozone that kills 99.9% of all bacteria present in approximately 20 seconds and neutralises the bacterial acid that causes tooth decay.

The HealOzone treatment uses no drill and is a painless treatment. It is a completely safe treatment and very effective in stopping the growth and spread of tooth decay.

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