Treatments for tooth decay

2013 August 31

Toothache and dental pain can cause misery. Your dentist may identify the cause as dental decay or an infection and depending on the severity of the problem,it may require necessary extraction of your tooth.

If the dental infection can be contained and treated, removing your tooth can be avoided but your dentist would have to assess whether this is possible or not.

He may suggest that if is possible to repair your damaged tooth , root canal treatment might be an option for you instead of having it removed.

Loss of teeth can cause both psychological and functional issues so if a tooth or teeth can be saved it is an option worth pursuing.

It is important that a decaying tooth should not be left untreated as this can give refuge to a number of bacteria which may , in turn, cause other health issues.

If your tooth is infected, your dentist may suggest you need antibiotics for the tooth infection.

Should your dentist recommend root canal treatment for you, this treatment involves removal of the damaged or infected nerve of the tooth to save that particular tooth and avoid its removal.

Once the nerve has been removed, the tooth chamber are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any bacteria following which the root canal is sealed.

In this way, root canal treatment not only gets rid of the harmful infection and addresses the original problem, it also prevents the unnecessary extraction of a painful tooth and avoids the issue of further treatments for replacing the consequent gaps.

Visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly ,maintaining good oral health at home on a daily basis and being sensible with the foods and drinks you consume should avoid dental problems such as toothache , dental decay and other oral health problems

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