Tulisa Looks Great With Her New Smile and Image Makeover

2011 October 22
by Asha Sood

New X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz fame has followed in the footsteps of  Cheryl Cole and transformed her look with cosmetic dentistry . Tulisa’s new image transformation included dental treatment which has reportedly cost her £12,000.

Simon Cowell, whose name is now synonymous with XFactor and gleaming white teeth, has no doubt had some influence over Tulisa’s new look. Simon Cowell, who is clearly a fan of cosmetic dentistry, reportedly encouraged X-Factor finalists to improve their appeal factor and image by undertaking cosmetic dentistry back in 2008.

Whilst 25 year old Tulisa did not originally have bad teeth before her dental treatment, they weren’t completely perfect and straight. Tulisa understandably may have wanted  to look her very best for her new role as an X Factor judge and chose to boost her confidence and have a complete image makeover for the show.Her cosmetic dentistry treatment is believed to have involved undertaking dental veneers and teeth whitening.

The N-Dubz singer who is happy to admit she wouldn’t rule out cosmetic surgery if she ever felt she needed it in the future has been compared to previous X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole on a number of occasions. Before appearing on The X-Factor, Cheryl  also underwent cosmetic dentistry treatment worth £9,500. Her dental treatment included an invisible brace and six to eight veneers . Her teeth and smile are clearly very important to her and Cheryl reportedly has a dental budget of £8,000 a year on her teeth, in addition to £1,500 on teeth whitening treatments.

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