Visit your dentist for your snoring problem

2013 October 1

Sleeping problems like snoring and sleep apnoea are not something that you would normally expect to consult your cosmetic dentist about but you might be surprised to know your dentist can help treat it.

Snoring is a common sleeping problem that many people suffer. In most cases, it is a simple disorder, but it can cause irritability, headaches and tiredness. Snoring is often confused with sleep apnoea, which is a breathing disruption while sleeping.

Sleeping disorders not only affect the person suffering from them but also the person’s partner. They can cause sleep deprivation, which can, in turn, lead to serious health consequences if not treated in time.

Sleeping disorders were once treatable only through positive air pressure and surgical treatments, but with advancements in science and technology, they can be addressed with simple dental appliances provided by your cosmetic dentist.

After carrying out an assessment of your snoring problem and identifying the symptoms of any sleep deprivation disorder, the cosmetic dentist may treat your problem with an anti snoring dental appliance that fits over your upper teeth. The appliance prevents the lower jaw and tongue from dropping back in the airway, which reduces the symptoms of snoring. This enables you to breathe more easily and therefore sleep better.

The fitted anti snoring dental appliance is not painful or uncomfortable but it may take some time for you to get used to it. It can be easily cleaned by soaking it in fresh water for a period of time every few days.

A visit to your cosmetic dentist may well provide the answer to help treat your snoring problem and lead you to enjoying a good night’s sleep.


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